Cash Managed better


Hank doors accumulates cash from each tenant under one roof, individually and pools the cash as it comes in for early submission to landlords. Tenant cash management in rising rent environments is crucial to reducing workouts and involuntary evictions.

Property Rental Solutions
Next level tenant cash management reduces the cash savings burden on tenants and improves the relationships amongst multiple paying tenants and their landlords.

Rent Payment Handling

Offering multiple payment methods gives tenants flexibility and allows them to choose the option that suits them best like payroll dates vs. month end


Hank has greater transparency.

Most landlords apply their debit (PAD) or deposit checks and wait three days, receive an NSF return, then start the cure or eviction process.


Automated curing of lates takes shortfalls of rent for individual tenants and adds it evenly to landlord agreed extended termMost landlords prefer some cash than none and we show Landlords how much cash is available ‘now’ so they can make a determination on whether to accept it and offer a workout automatically.

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