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Hank provides an end to end solution to help schools and students manage cash, whether students are preparing for school or in school, our platform automates payments.

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to increase efficiency in payment management


Student Credit Balance Disbursements with FAST FUNDS

FAST FUNDS allows students to receive their disbursements the way they prefer – direct payment to card-enabled bank accounts. Hank eliminates the tedious process of gathering banking information, and provides detailed data on which students have received their payments in accordance with required timelines and Title IV.


Single Pay for Students

Hank has developed Single Pay to help educational institutions meet the student demand for Online Payments. Single Pay allows students or parents to make an Online payment on the student’s account for current or past semesters.


Single Pay for Business Office

Hank has important solutions for the business office that allows payments to be taken over the phone and in person. Complex integrations allow payments to post in real time to student accounts, and funds are settled daily to the institution. Single Pay is the most efficient integrated solution for Business Offices to process student payments.


Deferred Payment Plans

Hank allows students to pay their education costs using scheduled payments over timelines set by the school. Scheduled payments can start at the time of enrollment in the Deferred Payment Plan. The Deferred Payment Plan balance is required to be paid by the end of the term.


Payment Plans

Hank allows students who have left college to pay any outstanding costs over a timeline offered and set by the institution. Complex integrations allow former students to enroll in a Collections Payment Plan either inside or outside the student portal.


Quick Pay

Hank allows institutions to use QuickPay inside electronic forms or websites for most other transactions that are usually paid online. Our complex API’s allow for a seamless experience for students and help ensure transactions like Dorm Deposits, Transcript Requests, or Donations, are handled centrally and efficiently. Transactions are settled daily.

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