Hank Doors

Hank Doors makes it easier for tenants to pay rent on tailored payment plans, while enabling landlords to witness portfolio cash build-up, potential risks, and offer automated cures before NSFs occur.  Effective management of tenant cash is a key driver of landlord and investor portfolio performance, particularly in rising rent environments.

Property Rental Solutions

Hank Doors provides landlords with real-time views into individual tenant cash collections, while reducing budget and cash management required of tenants which improves the tenant/landlord relationship and drives cash efficiency for both parties.

Landlord & Tenant Benefits

Easy Rent Payment Handling

Hank Doors makes it easy for landlords to collect proportionate rent directly from multiple tenants living behind one Door, by accumulating cash from each individual tenant and aggregating it for faster remittance. Offering multiple payment methods also gives tenants flexibility and they can choose to pay their rent weekly, bi-weekly or monthly, to match when they get paid or the payment frequency that works best for them.

Landlord Benefits

Better Insights

Hank offers valuable visibility and insight into tenant-level payment behaviors, helping to improve property risk profiles and landlord cash flow.  Data over time reveals ‘good rent payers’ which can be used to adjudicate tenants moving from property to property.

Landlord Benefits

Automate Cures

Landlords can also reduce the rising costs of missed and late payments with automated cure offers. This helps to collect “some” cash instead of none, and mark the Door as cured, reducing time spent on costly workouts. This improves cash collections and overall portfolio performance.


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